FOODCAP™ : Airtight Plate Cover




No more food is wasted when you have  FOODCAP™.

This Airtight Plate Cover is perfect for saving leftovers in a safe and fresh manner.  It has a silicone seal at the bottom that lets you make an air tight seal with your plate and lid.  It's microwave, refrigerator and freezer safe so it really can be used for any type of food storage.

FOODCAP™ is specifically made to fit most round plates and bowls. It has an air tight and close-fitted lid that allows you to quickly seal-up and preserve the freshness of your vegetable or fruit.

FOODCAP™ is made of food grade material and is BPA-free so your food is far from getting contaminated with chemicals.

This is dishwasher friendly too, compatible with plates with raised edges. 


  • Food Dish Cover, can be used in microwave, make your microwave more clean.
  • Used in refrigerator, dining-table, retain freshness, reduce food flavor.
  • Food-grade PP plastic, makes your food more health and delicious.
  • Strong silicone seal to keep food fresh
  • BPA Free and food-safe plastic
  • Microwave, refrigerator and freezer safe
  • Save tons of money on food waste


  • Material: Food-grade PP Plastic + silicone
  • Color: Clear + Red
  • Size: 19.5*4.5cm
  • Service Temperature: -20℃ - 120 ℃
  • Item Type: Kitchen Cabinet Parts & Accessories

Package Includes:

  • 1 PC Airtight Plate Cover