BRACLIP™ : Adjustable Invisible Bra Buckle Clips (Set of 5)




Smart Bra Strap - the ultimate bra strap solution! Just only a few steps can perfectly hide the bra strap. 

A perfect solution for bra strap control for adjusting your most flattering cleavage to your favorite fashion. It can also prevent bra straps from being a visible distraction from your attire while wearing t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, work out wear, racer back and so much more!

Smart Bra Strap not only can improve posture but also increases cup size

With Smart Bra Strap you can move whatever you want and bra strap will not falling down.


  • Perfect For T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Dresses, Even Work-Out Wear

  • Increase cup size, get a beautiful instant boost to your silhouette

  • Correct wrong posture

  • Easy To Use - Goes on in seconds without removing the bra
  • Can match different style outfit

  • Avoid Awkward - Easily adjusts to fit any height, Height-adjustable, clips keep bra straps in place & hidden



    • Adjustable Invisible Bra Buckle Clips (Set of 5)