KLINUP™ : Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners


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These sheets are a game changer for your air fryer! 

These air fryer liners are a fantastic accessory for air frying, these non-stick liners are easy to clean and keep food from sticking, they line your air fryer basket, tray or rack. Food sticks and tears less when you cook them on these paper liners.

If you have a wire air fryer basket or wire air fryer oven racks, you probably have had sticking issues. No matter how much you spray with oil, some foods will still stick to wire surfaces. But if you use this non stick cooking liner under your food, you’ll have much less food sticking and tearing. Even if you have a non-stick or ceramic base, delicate foods like fish can often tear. It’s always good to have a batch of these air fryer sheets in your kitchen. They come in handy for easy cleaning too!

When food is cooked, you’ll see how easy it is to lift or move the food off the liner. It won’t stick or tear like they normally would if you just lay the food on the rack. 

Use these air fryer baking sheets every time you air fry for an easy and quick cleanup, to spend less time cleaning your appliance and more time enjoying crispy, air fried comfort food!


  • The liner replaces the need for greasing 
  • Allows optimal airflow for the perfect crispness.
  • Whether you’re air frying chicken or reheating frozen fries, you can expect even results, every time!
  • Keeps food from sticking and from tearing
  • Allows you to cook most foods crispy and quickly.
  • Clean-up is so much easier
  • Minimizes scrubbing wear and tear on your basket or racks
  • Protects your baskets and your air fryer from all the grease and heat exposure.


  • 50 pcs x Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners
  • 100 pcs  x Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners