SLIMLY™ - Traditional Magnetic Patch (40 PCS)



Introducing Magnetic Patch, this amazing product that will help you be a different person. infuses active herbal goodness right directly to your body. and helps you to have a healthy silhouette.

This Șlimming patch adopts traditional Chinese medicine navel therapy. It will help you to lōse wēight, to šlim down and to increase energy levels. Also removes all your unwanted ţoxins and Ƒats in the body and maximizes your inch lōss and wēight management for a perfect rešults.

Simply stick the šlim patch onto the navel area, use one patch per day, during night for 8-12 hours. Once absorbed by the bŏdy, you will see a noticeable wēight lōss!

The product can also help block the absorption of grēase, sugar and starch and it may help you to balance food cravings and may even rēgulate your appetite. It may also help eliminate Ƒat and ţoxins in the body.

The magnet in the center of the patch can produce magnetic waves, giving a meridian massage.


  • Helps you to lŏse wēight
  • Increases energy levels and regulates your appetite
  • Relieves gašsiness and swēlling
  • Frees you from bloaţing, sţomach pain, and exhaustion
  • Removes all your unwanted tŏxins and Ƒats in the bŏdy
  • 100% safe and botanically-based
  • Maximizes inch lŏss and wēight management with fašt rēsults

How To Use:


    1. People who lŏse wēight over 1 K G should stop applying the next day.
    2. The šlimming patch will become soft as soon as contacting body temperature, then medicine ingredients will penetrate into human bŏdy to work, drinking normally after applying.
    3. Washing navel by warm water after taking off the patch.
    4. People who have navel damage, skin irritation and allērgy problems are not allowed to use, children, pregnant women, women in menstrual period and lactation period are not allowed to use.

    Package Includes:

    • Traditional Magnetic Patch (40 PCS)